Patent vs. Open Source

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As I spoke at the Inventors Associates of Georgia meeting yesterday I found out how many inventors had no idea about open source or the open source business model.

In a nutshell about 5% of the people present knew about open source. I started with some comparisons and then examples of companies which exist solely on an open source model. After I opened the topic I was bombarded with questions. I’m not suggesting one does not go for a patent, however look outside the box when looking at product development and market share.

With the web becoming the place to buy products people have become comfortable purchasing from most online stores. This movement has opened the door for small businesses to sale products to a world wide market which until recently was reserved for the major retail centers.

Is your idea worth looking at the open source market? maybe maybe not…. one thing for sure is the way we conduct business is changing and so is the retail business model.

I have been asked to do a similar presentation at the Mini Maker Fair this year so keep in touch and check out their website for details.

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