DRSS Tesla Coil

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Tesla Coil with Arcs

Chris from Mass Collective wanted an innovative scientific display for a performance piece at the Scoutmob Halloween Party.  With Chris’s electrical knowledge and Shane’s fabrication skills,  they were able to create this impressive technological display. See the coil and more of Chris’s Mad Science in this Vimeo video starting at 00:53. Allie Bashuk posted a of the coil in operation.

This Tesla coil is a state-of-the-art Dual Resonance Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC).   The device transforms current into a pulsing 13 million volt arc. The coil generates a 6-foot arc with the power dialed down to 30 per cent.

This was a big project requiring technical expertise in electronics and fabrication.  Major components include:

  • Base structure to hold the electronics
  • Capacitor array
  • Primary coil
  • Secondary coil
  • Toroid
  • Control panels
  • Electronics – Custom programmed firing controller, high voltage electronics

The materials used in fabrication include wood, plexiglass, copper, vinyl and aluminum. The materials were cut, CNC milled, rolled, and welded. A special jig was built to wind the secondary coil.  It took 7 hours to wind the fine copper wire around the PVC column for the coil.  The main control panel has 11 power connectors, 10 indicators, 5 circuit breakers, and 2 LED indicators.




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