Our current class schedule:

Classes are open to members and nonmembers.  Email [email protected] to register or ask questions.  Watch the newsletter for other announcements about future classes, seminars, and meetups.

My Inventor Club holds classes to help teach people how to create what they have in mind.

How? what? you might ask, and that answer is how to create, protect, build, manufacture, distribute, market and license things.

Our intro classes are ‘survey’ classes to cover the basics.  For some students, it’s like the shop class they never had the chance to take.

We increase our class offerings based on what people want, need and ask for. Here are some of the classes we offer. (Our classes are taught by industry professionals with real world experience)

  • How to search your idea before you spend any money
  • How to protect your idea before you patent it and what to look out for
  • Introduction to welding
  • Intro to machine shop
  • Shop basics
  • Basic materials
  • Types of prototyping and what makes the most sense for your prototype
  • Intro to metal fabrication
  • Intro to CNC
  • RTV molding and casting
  • Intro to the lathe
  • Intro to the mill
  • Intro to sculpting for product development
  • Intro to photography
  • How to get good product images with point and shoot cameras

Fill out the form below if you are interested in a particular class not on the current schedule.

We also offer private classes on most any topic.