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Dragon Con

August 27, 2012

Lots going on, Next big thing is-> we are presenting at dragon con this year.
Fri about the hackerspace, maker space, tech shop movements… Sat will be a 4 hr tech shop open demo… Sun will talking about prototyping and patents (open source also)
Come by and give some support

Molding Class

January 17, 2012

Classes have filled up before they go public… .but now we have a few spots for a molding and casting class this sat (jan 21, 2012) so let us know if you are in.

It starts at noon and you will learn how to cast urethane parts from rubber molds and after class you can stick around and try casting your own stuff. (we will also show how to use a core in the mold to hold an internal structure)
call or email [email protected]

Maybe we should build one of these

November 29, 2011

Almost ready to build a 3d printer or laser cutter

November 19, 2011

We just got another donation toward the youth program and that gets us very close to a 3d printer build or maybe a laser cutter.

kids get ready to build something cool

November 19, 2011