3rd at Atlanta Govathon

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I took off to Atlanta’s Govathon last friday not sure what to expect and ended up helping the team who became known as Curbb take 3rd place.  We are now working with City officials on how to get the concept implemented and will be using the resources at My Inventor Club, TAG, Hypepotamus to launch the platform. I’ll keep updates here as they progress.



Govathon wasn’t just another hackathon. Real problems were addressed. Solutions were created in which all Atlantans can benefit. From Friday February 22 to Saturday February 23, developers, designers, and government officials came together to address issues facing the city of Atlanta.

Read more here


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3d printing hackathon

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Freeside Atlanta and My Inventor Club will be teaming up on Saturday, February 9th to bring you a daylong hackathon in 3D Modeling, Design, Marketing, Theory and more.  This is a free, educational meet and greet event which will be hosted in Freeside Atlanta and My Inventor Club’s space.

This is the (draft) speaker line-up and schedule of events!  Like so many of these things, this is subject to change.  Watch this blog or follow us on Twitter for updates and other announcements.

Cost: Free
Location: Freeside Atlanta675 Metropolitan Parkway Suite 6066, Atlanta, GA 30310
Directions, Parking, and other Information
Date: February 9th, 2013
Time: 1100-1700 EST
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Speakers Track 1100~1500 Eastern Time (UTC−05:00)

This will be a Google Hangout invitation on the day of the event.

Nicholas Giovinco, Moderator – Freeside Atlanta
Greetings and Introductions: Welcome to Freeside
Time/Length: 30 mins 1100-1130 (UTC−05:00)

Shane Mathews - My Inventor Club
Topic: Prototyping Management: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Expectations
Time/Length: 30 mins 1130-1200 (UTC−05:00)

Shane Matthews, product development guru and founder of My Inventor Club will talk about the professional use of 3d printers, the difference between hobby and professional grade 3D printers and how 3D printers, MakerBot Industries, have impacted the professional community. In addition Shane will have sample prints from some of these printers to show the difference between the prints as well as prototypes casted from 3D printed part. Come see first hand some of the differences in 3d printers, ask questions and learn.

Colleen Jordan - @colleeniebikini
Topic: 3D Designer Wearables and More!
Time/Length: 15 mins 1200-1215 (UTC−05:00)

Clint Rinehart
Topic: 3D Scanning with Open Source Software and Microsoft Kinect
Time/Length: 30 mins 1215-1245 (UTC−05:00)

3D scanning is a common practice among 3D printing enthusiasts.  This technology is no longer a limited modality with research or corporate funding, but now a practically attainable practice with a VERY low cost of entry.  This talk will feature the use of a Microsoft Kinect device with ReconstructME software.

Chris Caswell - [carrythewhat?]
Topic: Replications: a case study on the basic economics of Distributed Manufacturing of Free & Open Source Hardware.
Time/Length: 15 mins 1245-1300 (UTC−05:00)

For 18 months now, our desktop 3D printers have been producing commodity prints and sold on the market. With 3 printers now, we are approaching viability as a self-sustaining business. But we have shown there is this small repertoire of digital goods, capable of desktop replication, and valued by the market — set only to expand as replication technology advances and the software catches up.  Along with our experiences so far, I will share my thinking on free & open source hardware, distributed manufacturing, and an open economy.

Jason Webb - Graduate student, creative technologist, OSHW engineer
Topic: DIY mold-making with 3D printing
Time/Length: 30 mins 1300-1330  (UTC−05:00)

Learn how to design and 3D-print your very own low-cost molds, which you can fill with Jell-O, chocolate, silicone, resin, wax and more!

Emmett Lalish - Engineer or an Artist?
Topic:  Designing 3D-printed mechanisms
Time/Length: 30 mins 1330-1400 (UTC−05:00)

I’ll give some pointers on using OpenSCAD to design complex, printable mechanisms. I avoid using support at all cost and in my book, the order of coolness for mechanisms goes: bolt together, snap together, preassembled. The beauty of 3D printers is that they make preassembled mechanisms possible for the first time, but designing them requires thinking about shapes in a whole new way.

Mark Ganter - The Solheim lab Open3DP
Topic: AM in the early morning hours…
Time/Length: 30 mins 1400-1430 (UTC−05:00)

The Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Washington is host to the Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory.   This lab hosts the Open3DP website.  Open3DP’s mission:to disseminate information and foster a community of people interested in an open sharing of 3D printing information. We hope that you find useful information on this site and that you will feel free to comment and share your expertise.

Henry Thomas - “Wingcommander” WPThomas
Topic: General experiences getting my Replicator 2 to print reliably
Time/Length: 30 mins 1800-1830 (UTC−05:00)

Breakout Workshops 1500-1800 Eastern Time (UTC−05:00)

These courses will be held at both Freeside and My Inventor Club’s physical spaces.

Scanning with Microsoft Kinect
Instructor: Clint Rinehart
Location: Freeside Atlanta Worktable
Requirements: Self

A demonstration of Microsoft Kinect Scanning and Reconstruction with ReconstructME.

CAD, CAM, Print!!: Module 1
Instructor: Nicholas Giovinco
Requirements: Laptop and Creativity

This is part 1 of a two part workshop, centered on Computer Aided Design (CAD).  In this, we will walk through a very simple design process in Google Sketchup of creating your very own Keychain.  Choose a word or name and lets begin!

CAD, CAM, Print!!: Module 2
Instructor: Nicholas Giovinco
Location: Freeside Atlanta Classroom Zone
Requirements: Laptop and Creativity

This is part 2 of a two part workshop, centered on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), where we work our brains around physical creation of our idea.  In this, we will discuss the best methods for printing our designed keychain in a MakerBot Replicator 2.

zCorp 3D Printing via Cold Sintering
Instructors: Buddy Smith & Patch Trowell
Location: Freeside Atlanta Woodshop Zone
Requirements: Protective Eyewear is supplied and must be worn at all times

Additive manufacturing has many, MANY, applications and modalities.  Hobbyist machines such as Makerbot and other Repraps utilize a derivative of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), but a lesser known modality is Sintering.  The zCorp technologies found at My Inventor Club and Freeside Atlanta are capable of just such methods.  In this workshop you will see and experience the basics of this technique applied.

Startup Your Prototyping Idea
Instructor: Shane Mathews
Location: My Inventor Club
Requirements: Interest in how to develop an idea

Discuss the first steps in taking an idea to a physical prototype, deciding on the best process to make a prototype including materials, fit, finish, number of evolutions, and other details of prototyping before moving to the next step.

CNC Milling Station #1
Instructor: Eldon
Location: Freeside Atlanta

CNC Milling Station #2
Instructor: Brian Cribbs
Location: Freeside Atlanta

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DRSS Tesla Coil

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Tesla Coil with Arcs

Chris from Mass Collective wanted an innovative scientific display for a performance piece at the Scoutmob Halloween Party.  With Chris’s electrical knowledge and Shane’s fabrication skills,  they were able to create this impressive technological display. See the coil and more of Chris’s Mad Science in this Vimeo video starting at 00:53. Allie Bashuk posted a of the coil in operation.

This Tesla coil is a state-of-the-art Dual Resonance Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC).   The device transforms current into a pulsing 13 million volt arc. The coil generates a 6-foot arc with the power dialed down to 30 per cent.

This was a big project requiring technical expertise in electronics and fabrication.  Major components include:

  • Base structure to hold the electronics
  • Capacitor array
  • Primary coil
  • Secondary coil
  • Toroid
  • Control panels
  • Electronics – Custom programmed firing controller, high voltage electronics

The materials used in fabrication include wood, plexiglass, copper, vinyl and aluminum. The materials were cut, CNC milled, rolled, and welded. A special jig was built to wind the secondary coil.  It took 7 hours to wind the fine copper wire around the PVC column for the coil.  The main control panel has 11 power connectors, 10 indicators, 5 circuit breakers, and 2 LED indicators.




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Patent talk

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Charles Hagadorn, III Member of My Inventor Club and an Atlanta based intellectual property attorney, will be giving a presentation at the Mini Maker Fair  just after I talk about the product development cycle taking a concept to market. 

If you are interested come out and bring some questions, there will be an open forum at the end. Starts at 2 pm.

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Dragon Con

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Lots going on, Next big thing is-> we are presenting at dragon con this year.
Fri about the hackerspace, maker space, tech shop movements… Sat will be a 4 hr tech shop open demo… Sun will talking about prototyping and patents (open source also)
Come by and give some support


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Patent vs. Open Source

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As I spoke at the Inventors Associates of Georgia meeting yesterday I found out how many inventors had no idea about open source or the open source business model.

In a nutshell about 5% of the people present knew about open source. I started with some comparisons and then examples of companies which exist solely on an open source model. After I opened the topic I was bombarded with questions. I’m not suggesting one does not go for a patent, however look outside the box when looking at product development and market share.

With the web becoming the place to buy products people have become comfortable purchasing from most online stores. This movement has opened the door for small businesses to sale products to a world wide market which until recently was reserved for the major retail centers.

Is your idea worth looking at the open source market? maybe maybe not…. one thing for sure is the way we conduct business is changing and so is the retail business model.

I have been asked to do a similar presentation at the Mini Maker Fair this year so keep in touch and check out their website http://makerfaireatl.com for details.

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Molding Class

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Classes have filled up before they go public… .but now we have a few spots for a molding and casting class this sat (jan 21, 2012) so let us know if you are in.

It starts at noon and you will learn how to cast urethane parts from rubber molds and after class you can stick around and try casting your own stuff. (we will also show how to use a core in the mold to hold an internal structure)
call or email [email protected]

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Intro to CNC

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Well a member showed up tonight ready to make something on the CNC. We did some CAD and created tool paths and took them to the CNC. Great little intro to the CNC and the result is a mold to layup some fiberglass and carbon fiber parts. If it works out then we’ll make an alum version for semi production of these pcs.

Come build with us….

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We had a friendly visit from R2 last night and then a sleep over.
They will be around all day today for those who want to come by. Give us a call for the gate code.
Click here for a map to our place.

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